How to dismantle white supremacy in wine

A how-to guide on how you and everyone else around you in the wine industry can change it for the better, one action at a time

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  • For the committees and coalitions of white people wanting to help, are you willing to hand over the reins to BIPOC to lead? Have you asked BIPOC what they need? Will you throw your support for and your defense of these leaders 200%? We don’t need white saviors.
  • For winemakers, are their pick crews getting paid a fair wage and do they have access to healthcare? What are they doing about ICE raids? How have they advocated for employment opportunity parity in their winery?
  • For distributors, are there winemakers in your portfolios who have problems with knowing when to draw the line with their behavior when consuming alcohol? Do your winemakers have labels that may have racist or sexist undertones?
  • For media, have you sought to amplify BIPOC voices? Have you actively disregarded a story because it has been ‘too niche?’ Have you looked at the body of work and been made aware of the whitewashing rampant in it?
  • For hospitality, what have you done to make your spaces safer and braver for BIPOC folks? How are you balancing tipping, fair wages, and your margins?
  • For educators, look at who is teaching, what is being taught, and who you are teaching to. Does the room look the same? Is the material engaging with the human consequences of viticulture and vinification? Is it responding to modern human experiences?
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